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Archaeology Safaris - Archaeology and Photography Field Trips.

Archaeology Safaris is a trade name of Aerial-Cam Ltd, a company run by Archaeologist - Photographer Adam Stanford and has provided field trips to a variety of destinations since 2001. These journeys back through time concentrate on visiting pre-historic sites and monuments that help tell the story of Human development over thousands of years. The periods investigated are mainly the Neolithic (or new stone age), Bronze Age and Iron Age, although in some cases the field trips include evidence of Human activity dating back many thousands of years to the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. In small groups accompanied by Adam and other Archaeologists these trips explore the settlement areas, burial monuments and ritual landscapes that were all important to these ancient people. Discovering the skills and technologies that enabled them to live in settled communities, develop agriculture, express themselves in the form of Rock Art and join together to build huge stone and earthen monuments.

Adam's 30 years experience combines skills developed in the old days of film with cutting edge digital technologies. Light and time through the lens inspire him to capture the evidence of human endeavour as both a photographer and archaeologist. Constantly asking the question of how his chosen instrument, a camera, can tell a story and record valuable data. From pixels to point clouds, Adam's approach to heritage assets involves a mix of traditional photography and advanced software processes for data analysis. By applying innovative solutions and new methods his work has the potential to revolutionise standard archaeological recording practice.

Adam is Director of Aerial-Cam Ltd. and a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists.

Projects: Orkney, Stonehenge, Easter Island - Commercial and Research - Neolithic to modern all around the UK and Worlwide.


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